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Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology

Issue 13, May 2018

Editors:  Sophie Toupin and Spideralex

We invite contributions featuring radical feminist speculative fiction, storytelling and research to reimagine hacking, dream about appropriate(d) technologies and craft new social imaginaries. With this special issue we would like to explore the ways in which speculative fiction and storytelling may intervene in the discourse, narratives and materiality of hacking.  Using such frameworks allow to ask new questions, and project new realities that might support and strengthen hacking as a process for social and political transformation.

This special issue seeks feminist speculative fiction, storytelling and articles from feminists, hackers, geeks, makers, scholars, poets, and practitioners of any discipline and background. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • What do feminist hacking and/or feminist technologies look like?
  • What does it take to develop feminist narratives around hacking?
  • How can transformative social justice be implemented?
  • How can dystopia be challenged in the hope to create radical imaginaries?
  • How to address issues of consent within the hacking communities?
  • What do care and solidarity look like inside hacking communities?

Contributions in formats other than the traditional essay are encouraged; please contact the editors to discuss specifications and/or multimodal contributions. We welcome fiction as well as scholarly essays. Drawings, sounds, videos that coms along with written explanations of their narratives are also welcome.

You can send your proposal as a .odt or .doc document before the 20th June 2017 deadline. Please use “Ada Issue 13 Contribution” for your subject line and include the following in the
body of your message:

  • Your name and a short biography
  • A 150 word maximum abstract
  • A list of five keywords/tags
  • Preferred email address and GPG public key (if applicable)
  • Citation style used (if applicable)

Selected submissions will be informed before the 15th of July and complete submissions should be sent by 1st of October 2017 to Contributions should be no more than 3,000 words.

About Ada:

Ada is an online, open access, open source, peer-reviewed journal run by feminist media scholars. The journal’s first issue was published online in November 2012. Since that launch, Ada articles have received more than 330,000 page views. Ada operates a review process that combines feminist mentoring with the rigor of peer review.

We do not — and will never — charge fees for publishing your materials, and we will share those materials using a Creative Commons License.

CFP: Radical Feminist Storytelling and Speculative Fiction: Creating new worlds by re-imagining hacking
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